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First introduced in the 1970s by Rival, which named it the Crock-Pot. It is designed for moist heat cooking, steam generated from the food is condensed on the lid and returned to the ingredients, resulting in delicious and tender meals.

How Does a Slow Cooker Work?

A slow cooker usually consists of a rounded glazed ceramic or porcelain cooking chamber, which is then encased in a housing and is heated by a thermostat controlled electric element. The lid is usually transparent to wet the appetite as you watch it cooking away! - and sits in a ridge around the rim of the cooking chamber to retain any moisture which otherwise would have evaporated away. The condensed moisture also acts as a low-pressure seal to the external atmosphere as it collects between the lid and chamber.

What are the Advantages to using a Slow Cooker?
Are there any Disadvantages to using a Slow Cooker? Are Slow Cookers Dangerous?

Slow cookers are less dangerous than ovens or stove tops due to the lower temperatures and closed lids. However, they still contain a large amount of near boiling temperature food and liquid and can cause serious burns if spilled. As with many other kitchen cooking appliances, children may be at risk due to the high temperatures, so common sense should be applied at all times.

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